Magic Ed ... as you know, you're Awesome!!!
Solina Kwan

I have seen you perform many times and enjoy your work immensely.
Frank Mantovani

Ed, You are awesome!
Chris Matson

I really enjoyed your magic and the whole evening was wonderful.
Jennifer Cohen

Thank you very much for being part of a very special evening for me and making making it quite magical. Everyone really enjoyed the magic, that you made very entertaining. 
Alan Merson

I saw your show last night and it was really funny. Would definitely like to catch your close up show again!
Kim Ebbets

I really enjoyed your show yesterday. It was really amazing!
Pierre-Alexandre Gourdain

Caught your show at the Magic Castle Thursday night.  Just wanted to let you know that we all enjoyed your "magic"card tricks.  We thought you were terrific.

You were your usual superb tonight.
Nick Furjanick

I saw you last night at the Castle (first show), and thoroughly enjoyed your performance. While most of the performances my group saw last night were enjoyable, yours was definitely the one my group talked about the most.
Craig Fry

"He's what the Magic Castle needs, He's an entertainer!" Martin Nash talking to Milt Larsen at the far end of the palace bar.

Tippi Hedren talking to Milt Larson overheard by Juan the bartender at the main bar. "Milt, what did you think of Jason Latamer's show?" Tippi, "Jason was fabulous, but we enjoyed Ed's show more!"

Caught your show last night at the Magic Castle.  It was amazing.  My friends and I were guests of Dave Cox.  We had the best time and saw your show at the end of the night.  You were very funny and, god help me, I have no idea how you did any of your magic tricks.  Thanks for a great night.
Katayoun Nawabi

You did a great job and I was very entertained. Thanks for helping make my evening very enjoyable.
Norm Cook

Ed, I caught your close-up show at the Magic Castle last Thursday, and REALLY enjoyed it -- the effects were great, but your byplay with the audience was brilliant.  Very funny stuff...  it's obvious you would be entertaining even without a deck of cards in your hands.
Jim Tunnicliffe

You got a great response a lot of people have called and said how good you are and how much fun they had.

we had the good fortune to catch an impromptu show by Ed Schiff in the WC Fields Bar downstairs. He was curmudgeonly, confusing, and altogether crabby -- in short, we loved him! Although I'm sure he doesn't fit the image of the traditional, shiny, happy magician like those we saw in the Palace of Mystery, his work was superb, and we appreciated his barbed humor very much.
Charley Zeches


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